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Hale County Historical Society

Dues are $5.00 per year. They meet only once a year. The contact is

Mrs. Samuel Rugg
Treasurer, Hale County Historical Society
1505 Erwin Street
Greensboro, AL, 36744

Many families in the area have lived there for generations and at least two of the counties' newspapers will probably print short queries for you:

The Greensboro Watchman
PO Drawer 550
Greensboro, AL 36744-0550
The Moundville Times
PO Box 683
Moundville, AL 35474

Public Libraries in Hale County

Akron Public Library
Oak Street
Akron, AL 35441
Moundville Public Library
PO Box 336
Moundville, AL 35474
Hale County Public Library/Hale Co-Greensboro Library
1103 Main Street
Greensboro, AL 36744-0399
(334) 624-3409
Contact: Carolyn Hemstreet

Vital Records in Hale County

Probate Judge
1001 Main St.
Greensboro, AL 36744

Available Now

March 31, 1867 thru December 28, 1920
Compiled by
Ruth S. Johnson
Rosalind S. Mathews
Ordering Information: e-mail Anita L. McCray

In the early 1800's John Thomas and Dempsey Pool came with their parents, Andrew and Sarah Thomas and John and Mahulda Holloway Pool from Newberry, South Carolina to Shelby County, Alabama. This couple was married on February 11, 1820. Soon after that, this couple, along with their parents and siblings, came to Perry County, the area now know as the Mt. Herman Community, Hale County, Alabama. This couple had 13 children of which 6 of them raised large families in Hale County, whose descendants have been and still are very active in all walks of life. 4 of their children died young and 3 married and had children who left Alabama and went to Texas after the Civil War. Their sons, James and Henry Thomas served in the Civil War. James died in Atlanta, Georgia of pneumonia and was brought back to Mt. Herman Church Cemetery for burial and Henry lost an arm in Battle at Peachtree, Georgia, but lived to come back home with his family. In 1961, Mrs. Annie Lavender and Mrs. Nell Hall, great grand-daughters of John and Dempsey Thomas, inspired the author of this book to take up where they had left off and try to carry on their legacy. These two lovely ladies had traveled many miles and had done extensive research while visiting members of this family. Knowing their capabilities were getting very few at their age, they gave copies of their work to the author in the hopes that she would continue on with their heritage that they loved so much. This undertaking has taken a long time and many miles of travel to courthouses, cemeteries, and visits to relatives to compile this book. With the use of computers and help of so many wonderful people, the author has completed what she set out to accomplish. This book includes 11 generations of some of the descendants of John and Dempsey Thomas. The book has a Table of Contents, Indexed, 437 pages, Hardbound, Family Charts, and lots of information that most of descendants and the people of Greensboro do not know.

Ordering Information:
  Call Bertha Jean Hoggle at (334) 624-3255
  Write to her at 22213 Alabama Highway, Greensboro, AL 36744

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